AdSense Academy Can Help You Become a Successful AdSense Publisher

Launched in October 2011, the AdSense Academy is helping many AdSense publishers to increase their AdSense earnings. No matter, if you are an 8-year publisher or just newbie in Google Adsense, then this AdSense Academy will apply to some websites and blogs that you can apply to your website or blog so that your adsense earnings are fixed Could be multiplied in the factor.

Adsense Academy
Adsense Academy

How To Test Your Adsense Knowledge

This AdSense Academy will provide you with full AdSense training by testing your knowledge with 34 questions. Each question has a ‘Read more’ section and once you read and understand it, then just check the tickets.

If you are able to complete all the 34 questions, then that means you have got a full understanding of AdSense which Google wants to know.

How to use the AdSense Academy?

Just check this link from the AdSense Academy and login with your AdSense account. You will find 6 tabs in this Adsense Academy page and there are about 5-6 checklists in each tab. Click on the ‘Read more’ link below each checklist to jute and test your knowledge.

If you think, you know each and everything in more section under each question, just click on the checkbox and go to the second question. Then after completing all the questions from the tab, click on the next tab and repeat it and check and check all boxes after reading and understanding. Repeat until you reach the last question in the last tab

Just do not check the box without reading the details, otherwise it will not make sense to test your AdSense knowledge. Do not take your time on time, but to get the full AdSense Academy course.

More Adsense Tips

There are several tips and tricks you can use to increase your AdSense earnings. Our blog always publishes such articles from time to time. Here you can find one of the super Adsense training courses that will give you a complete idea of ​​becoming a successful AdSense publisher.

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