10 Google Chrome Tips and Tricks You Probably Go Not Know

I’m a Microsoft fanatical and my favorite web browser is STILL Internet Explorer (and will always be). Because I like Microsoft and brand “Internet Explorer”. But when Google search started hanging on Internet Explorer, I had to be forced to switch to Google Chrome. I hate Mozilla Firefox. But now, I’m quite comfortable with Google Chrome. And, I do not think that whenever I launch something innovative, I’ll ever be back to Internet Explorer.

Chrome-Fast Web Browser
Chrome-Fast Web Browser

Top Google Chrome Features

  1. Google Chrome Sync

What I really like about Google Chrome is the ability to sync it. With Google Chrome Sync, you can sign in to Google Chrome with your Google Account and access all your preferences, topics, bookmarks, auto-fill data, auto-fill profiles, extensions, apps, omnibox data, search engines and passwords. Can save in the account. And once you log in to Google Chrome on another computer, Google will import all those data from all your Google Accounts. So you have the same user experience everywhere. Learn more about Google Chrome Sync.

  1. Add Multiple Users

With Google Chrome’s “users” you can add more users to your Google Chrome. So you do not need to create a new user account on Windows for those people. Learn how to add multiple users to Chrome

  1. Simplicity

Using Google Chrome is easy and you will love its interface. And yes it’s too fast.

  1. Security

Google Chrome is safe and when you browse the web, it protects your PC from malicious websites. Learn more about Google Chrome and browser security.

  1. Omnibox

The Omnibox or Chrome address bar acts as a search box. Just enter the keyword and press Enter. Search results appear almost instantly. Try all the methods you can search using Google Chrome. (Read Google Chrome Omnibox Tips and Tricks)

  1. Incognito mode

Incognito mode is very useful. I do a lot of Google searches in Incognito mode because Google always shows personalized results in my main window because I’m always logged in. Incognito mode or private browsing is not something unique for Google Chrome. It is also in Internet Explorer (in the form of Incept Mode) and Mozilla Firefox (in the form of Private Browsing). Learn more about incognito mode.

  1. Auto fill

The Chrome Auto Filling feature lets you fill out the form with just one click. You can also create AutoFill profiles, which can be used to save your address and credit card information. Read more about Auto Filling Form.

  1. Tabs

Tabs and Tabbing I think I do not need any introduction. Learn more about how tabs and tabs are arranged.

  1. Password manager

Google Chrome has an built-in password manager and syncs with your Google Account (if you have Chrome Sync enabled). And what do I like about Password Manager that we can see all the saved URLs in Firefox. And what I do not like about password manager is that if someone checks our browser then it shows others the password. We can not set any master password in Firefox. But you can do this by using simple startup password extension for chrome.

  1. Apps and Extensions

Google Chrome Apps are programs that are designed to be fully used in the browser. Using apps, you can do things like create documents, edit photos, and listen to music without installing complex software. Extensions are browser add-ons that increase the functionality of Google Chrome Learn more about apps and extensions.

10 Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

  1. Add a search engine

Google Chrome Omnibox is actually more powerful than you think. This allows you to add custom search engines. So you search directly from your Omnibox on any website. I’ve just added one search engine to the Omnibox and it’s Google (but not personal search results). Learn more about how to add a search engine to Omnibox.

  1. Delete Google Personal Search Results

You can disable Google Personalized Search by adding the following search engines to your Omnibox without turning it off in Google Web History. Name the new search engine “Google” or whatever you like. Add a “keyword” (I used “G”). And then enter “https://www.google.com/search?q=%s&pws=0” as the URL. Now use this search engine to type “live” in the address bar (if your keyword is “live”) and then enter the space. Now, enter a search query and Google will return non-personalized search results. You can create new search engines as your default so that you can search queries directly without having to enter keywords for that search engine.

  1. Paste and go

This is a very useful feature. You can save a tap on the “Enter” key using the “Paste and Go” option. Simply copy the URL, right-click on the omnibox and click on “Paste and Go”

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