Android App that Makes Millions of Dollars Every Month

Android is the most widely used mobile operating system for all types of smartphones. Due to its uniqueness and spectacular spectacles, Android is now taking other operating systems like iOS and Microsoft Windows. Due to many practicality, many customers are being attracted to Google. For this reason, apps given by the Android system are getting recognition that people are attracted to them. Ether These apps are free or spend some money, Android apps earn millions of dollars every month and generate revenue generated by the iPhone app. Ten Android apps that earn millions of dollars a month are followed!

Android App
Android App

Wuvuzela World Cup Horn and Plus


This app is available for $ 200 and makes millions of dollars every month because it comes with great features and graphics loved by people. This game is based vuvuzela FIFA 2010 tournament.

Pcmoper db

This app allows its users to do full writing of ESRI size file on their smartphone devices. With this app, people can easily import and export ESII files, which is why this app earns millions of dollars almost every month.

MobileNavigator GPS

For the cost of $ 126, this app comes with some extraordinary features like Google Original Search and Google Street Read etc.

I’m rich !!

This is a non-functional Android app for viewing your phone that points to your money. The downloader will get on the screen with a diamond because I am rich on this.

$ 100 App


Another non-functional app i.e. The $ 100 app closes the show on its user’s property and stands on the screen of your phone. With this app’s download, users will see an icon on their screen to know all the people how rich they are.

Destinator 9- Western Europe

With this amazing app, turn-by-turn navigation resolution is easy. The TIS app gives reliable and strong radio voice recording and has integrated weather information and other options like sticky POIs.

Mobile accessibility US

This device allows you to move forward with your phone with managing ten handy apps like SMS, Email, Web, Calendar, Alarms and MMS etc.

5 minutes Sports Medicine

Sport Medicine is available for $ 94 and is designed for medical professionals who help in the diagnosis and treatment of athletes.

ER Sound Pocket Atlas

This is a very expensive Android application and it can be downloaded at the $ 69 deposit. This app acts as a quick reference guide for all body systems to be evaluated through ultrasound rays. There are 443 images in this app and show where to put the ultrasound machine test.

G-Core Green Caddy Golf Korea

Green Caddy Golf Korea is the most attention-grabbing Android app available for $ 89. This app contains many features and millions of people download it so that they can transfer all the golf courses in different areas according to their liking.

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