Why Politicians and Celebrities Use Twitter but Not Facebook Often?

Many celebrities and politicians are often found to be more active on Twitter than Facebook. This made us eager to dig into the facts and find some reasons, which Celebes hate Facebook.

Celebrities Use Twitter
Celebrities Use Twitter

Yes, many VIPs are active on Facebook but comparatively Twitter seems to be winning this race. Below are four reasons that famous celebrities and politicians find more attractive than Twitter Facebook.

  1. Tweeple often transmits more content to Celeb content than other web users.

Tweeple (people who use Twitter) are more likely to share content shared by celebs. This does not mean that Facebook users fail to viral celebrity status updates, but it is difficult to get virility on Facebook compared to Twitter.

According to Social Media researcher Dan Zarrella, “Twitter is slightly more likely to share new content on Facebook than non-twitterers, twice it is likely to post on social media sites such as Dig or Reddit and a blog Is about three times the possibility of repetition of the material. “(Reported by Forbes).

  1. More restrictions on Facebook.

Facebook lets you add only 5000 friends. Even if Celebs have Facebook accounts, they will not accept a friend request. Which means that fans are following their updates, but can not comment on this depending on the settings.

Talk about fan pages, if the message option is open; There comes tons of spam messages. On the other hand, Twitter does not allow non-followers to send messages directly.

Twitter has no restrictions on Followers or Following Count, which gives freedom to freedom of millions of followers.

  1. Twitter is more favorable for general users and celebrities.

Whether or not Twitter users follow a celeb, they always have the ability to read someone’s tweets, and to favorite or tweet again. Generally no one uses celebrity privacy options.

On the other hand, on Facebook, pages fall into spam. Perhaps to avoid spam, celebrity uses Twitter.

  1. Connecting with celebrities is much easier on Twitter.

Compared to Facebook, Twitter is easier to talk to celebrities, politicians, influencers and experts. Your comments under a Celeb Facebook post can be buried in the notices. But your tweets on Twitter will be shown as personal information.

Twitter has a clever listener who makes Twitter chat (or interaction) more interesting and citations.

  1. Why did print and electronic media cite tweet?

If you are the reader of a news or gossip website, you may have seen that they quote politicians and celebrities using their tweets, not the Facebook status updates.

Wondering why? Here’s the reason – Once posted, tweets cannot be edited until it is deleted. This is the reason that presses and media often cite tweets of politicians but not Facebook status.

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