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A recent blog post from Jim Connolly has inspired me to write this blog post. In that blog post, he has mentioned about one of the best-selling Kickstarter books written by awesomest Seth Godin.

Blogging Tips
Blogging Tips

When people said that Seth took 3 hours to write that book, Seth said that he had been around 8 years.

Yes! Kickstarter

To create a large enough community to reach its Kickstarter goal in 3 hours, how much time it took to write a blog post almost every day.

You know what? It also applies to blogging.

I’ve seen a Gazillion in the “How to Start a Blog in 5 Minutes” video and tutorial. But the reality is that it does not work that way. You know why? They can basically purchase domain names, web hosting plan (i.e., their own web server location where you can upload files), and blogging software (WordPress) or similar software).

Yes, you can do all this in 5 minutes and it is very far from a complete blog because there are many other things that you should know and they should do.

And if you read somewhere that blogging is easy, then it’s not really true. Blogging is simple but not easy. It has time, patience, some money and a lot of effort and learning ability. Yes, it is possible to create a new WordPress blog and publish your first article in less than 10 minutes, but it will probably look like this and it will not be so.

Your first 365 posts are the worst blog posts

Thinking about 365? Okay, this is just a number that you have published a blog post every day in the first year. But what was interesting to me was the evergreen post that was sending most of the traffic. So then I decided to write in-depth content covering almost all aspects of the subject. And in less than 10 months I have increased traffic five times. Search traffic has gone up to 1,500+ visits a day.

Then Google was a penalty and I decided to clean my archived blog post. Yes, there was also low quality content, thin content and some duplicate content. I deleted every single post that was old, news topic, or something that I did not like and ended up with only 130 blog posts. Again, even after deletion, the traffic was not affected in any way, and this clearly means that all deleted blog posts were sending about zero traffic.

Do you want to be a good blogger? Then read and write a lot. Yes, a lot. This practice makes us perfect.

My message gives you …

You have not started the blog to make money. I would say that do not think about it too.

Just focus on writing just and just Because, when you have content, it will naturally attract traffic (though little promotion is done) and when you have traffic, there is a way to monetize it and you can do it any day.

As Darren Rowe wrote,

If you have just one reader and your blog changes their life then your blog is quite big.

All this is about whether you are giving or not. If you are consistently creating high quality content, then traffic to your website (even your income) and your personal brand will grow naturally over time.

Otherwise, you do not really need one million visits to make money from your blog. In fact, when I came in less than 100 times in a day in 2007-08, I completely monetized a niche blog and was able to generate $ 1,000 in affiliate income a month.

Harvilas Meena

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