Top 7 Extraordinary People with Disabilities

Physical injury or incompetence puts a complete stop in life, but we have some great examples, despite having an incomplete life gained much fame, respect and recognition, which they earned through dedication and positivity towards life.

The real meaning of life is to find those abilities which have been born with it and once it recognizes its actual potential, then no disability can obstruct the way to success!

Here are 07 extraordinary people whom you know for their work!

1) Helen Keller – (June 1880 – June 1968)

Disability: blind and deaf

Extraordinary ability: lecturer, author

The teacher has always been the reason for breaking the separation and opening the world for you, similarly with Keller, when his teacher Annie Sullivan gave the language gap and the girl to blossom.

Keller was the first blind and deaf person to achieve a bachelor’s degree. He spelled the words in his hands and used the i-tunic. Keller and her teacher traveled in more than 39 countries, campaigned for the rights of women and workers.

2) Stephen Hawking

Disability: Motor neuron disease

Extraordinary ability: Author

Hawking radiation, which you can know as black hole irradiation and gravitational extravagance theorem, are some of the best explanations that he has presented to the world. He was the first person to explain cosmology as per the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.

Stephen Hawking-Extraordinary People with Disabilities
Stephen Hawking-Extraordinary People with Disabilities

He was a director at Cambridge University and in recurrent cosmology, who had a world-renowned scientific career in 40 years. He lost his balance and fell down and the bank of his head became stiff, he was worried that he would lose his talent which he had a test and there he got to know about his illness.

Immediately after this, every part of his body began to paralyze and by 2009, he was completely paralyzed.

3) Jean Dominic Bobby (April, 1952 – March, 1992)

Disability: Lock-in-syndrome

Extraordinary ability: writer, editor, journalist

When you are awake and awake, but can not say a word nor shake hands nor it is impossible to think about writing and editing, besides blinking eyes.

But Jean forced himself to isolate himself even when he got out of coma and suffered a heart attack. Just blinking his left eye on the alpha, he wrote the book ‘The Diving Bell’ and ‘Right the Butterfly’ and after his release of his books, he died.

4) John Nash

Disability: schizophrenia

Extraordinary ability: mathematician

It is not easy to deal with schizophrenia, because you always feel insecure, are worried, killed by someone and always think that someone is following you.

This is basically a problem when you can not think of anything other than being dead and you can imagine that it is definitely an extraordinary gift which is part of the groundbreaking in partial discrimination, differential geometry and game theory. Works, which is not easy in any way if you know about it.

He received many awards and rewards such as the John von Neumann Theory Award (1978) and the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

5) Christie Brown (June 1932-September 1, 1981)

Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Extraordinary ability: Painter, writer and poet

The person who can not give a speech, can not deliberately move the movements for years, which was considered intellectually incompetent, with a foot paw, in the writings of the greatest painters, writers and writers of the 19th century Turned into one.

At the age of five, for the first time he went to write and he was with his left leg, since then he has done most of his work with his leg, and even for his autobiography “My Left Foot” Are also famous.

6) Frida Kahlo (July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954)

Disability: Polio

Extraordinary capacity: Painter


Women’s painting reflects the pain and sorrow of loneliness. He was the first Mexican artist, whose painting was appreciated and kept in the International Museum. He mainly uses the world’s most vibrant colors so that he can be sad forever.

She had spina bifida, congenital illness and polio when she was only five years old, she spent most of her life in hospitals.

7) Ludwig van Beethoven

Disability: deaf

Extraordinary ability: musician

Man with great workmanship and composition is the best musician in the world. He started playing the piano when he was eight years old and by the middle of his twentieth century he won the title of great pianist.

By the age of 26, he had started losing his ability to listen to the disease, but his passion forced him to drown in music, and after this hindrance he did some great work of music. Of his extraordinary finest works, the 9th symphony, Late Quarters, the 5th Piano Concerto is the famous melody that Ears could ever hear.

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