30+ Business Ideas to Start in Less Than $ 5000

In today’s world many people are thinking of business ideas to start their own business due to immense comfort and convenience.

At the average rate, many people consider two or three options as their careers during their working life, and most people who are currently employing nine to five jobs, think about their retirement and future choices on a regular basis.

Starting your own business can be a great opportunity for someone who wants to take risks in life and who wants to work really hard now. In order to start in less than five thousand dollars in 2016, 50+ business ideas have been followed!

Business Ideas

Bicycle repair

Although it is one of the recent business ideas that are quite seasonal but you can still rent the storage unit and give people a bicycle for tuning and good repairs.

Bicycle Repair-Business Ideas
Bicycle Repair-Business Ideas


For this career, God requires experience, training and licenses, and the person should know how the balance sheets, financial reports and income details of the clients work.

Business Planning Services

Any one can provide business plans to the respective customers and may charge the employed duty to give their ad on the services.

Cleaning of boat

Interested people can start cleaning their boat and establish their boat in the yard of their homes.

Cleaning service

The cleaning business works well in restaurants and hospitals. Working clients who do not have time to clean up their homes, they are also good customers.

Chimney sweep

You can become a fireplace cleaning expert and start their inspection services.


This business has very good expansion possibilities, but the person should have great skills in the fields so that he can market himself as a customer advisor.

Computer repair

You can be the expert on computer and computer software so that you can meet the demands of individual PC users or a reputable organization.

Computer Repair-Business Ideas
Computer Repair-Business Ideas

EBay assistant

Selling handmade accessories on eBay can be very profitable and successful.

Dog Breeder

Pets are very popular in many countries so that you can help people see the kind of dog breed they want. But you must first set yourself up as a breeder, which is an acronym for the health of your pet.

Editorial services

Copy-editing, proofreading, developmental editing and indexing are some of the services you can give to customers as an editor.

Electronic repairs

This business demands the same expertise sought by PC repairers and therefore you should be prepared to deal with all types of electronic equipment after joining this business.

Expert Witness Services

You can use your skills in legal matters and become an advocate to work as an expert business.

Program Planning

You can work with any good marketing manager and start planning the events of your respective customers.

Weaker Market

You can turn your passion into fashion, second hand shopping and cooking, and earn huge profit by starting a flea market business.

Financial Planner

As a person, you can start your financial planning business and help your clients achieve their business strategic goals and objectives.

Home Energy Auditor

Many homeowners are looking for ways to save their money on utility bills. You can help these people by giving them plans and exams to meet the real home savings.

Golf Coaching

You can work in different golf courses as a goal coach and can help players become motivated and good in their game.

Domestic Organizer

You can consult people to organize your home work and you can create a portfolio of different organizational scenarios to help people keep their homes.

Home Inspection

Come in contact with different estate agents and recommend home inspection services in relation to home evaluation to customers.

Interior Decorator

Many people are looking for a good interior decorator to give a new and unique style to their home. So if you have relevant skills in this field then you can start your own home styling business.

Import and Export Expert

You can teach people what they will need to start their own import and export business, but for this business, you must have good experience and educational education too.

Marketing Copy Writer

You can reach your content and services to people through online media and printed materials.

Jewelry Making

Jewelry is a passion for many people, so they can work with metal, gold and silver according to their needs and can become a good jewel in the city.

Personal Caretaker

People who are skilled can be the most suitable for this type of business.

Notary Public

Being a notary public, you will be demanding to become a state officer who can be authorized and certify the legalization of some documents.

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