5 Tips for Writing Best SEO Articles and Making Money

Article writing can not be ignored only when it comes to depositing money online.

Whether you go to blogging or freelancing, online surveys or affiliate marketing, you need to be a good writer for this. “Good” here really indicates that you have to be creative enough to maintain the attraction within your content.

People ask me what they can do to produce some better writing and so I decided to write about it.

It is important for some magazines to understand the difference between writing an article and writing for money. An article that receives a good traffic is a mixture of the following factors.

  1. Title of the article

Your reader has come in all ways to search through a search engine and has just landed on your platform due to your title. agreed?

Good, so now that we know the role of our titles, it is easy to understand that the title that we use should be the same as the readers who are looking for. Words such as rattling, dazzling, etc. are not user-friendly.

People never write such generic terms when searching for the necessary material. Try reading your potential visitor’s mind to choosing a title for your article!

  1. Introduction

Immediately after your title, the next thing that goes through your readers is clearly the first introductory paragraph of your article.

I am researching this and concluding that many authors have a brief summary, a view of the entire material that will be discussed in the body of the article.

It is important to distinguish between the first and the last paragraph. Always share something interesting, start your article from a common point, and gradually drag your reader’s mind towards the real topic.

You can initially highlight some of the questions that can be found in the answer sheet. This creates interest in your reader and only after that it turns into the next part.

  1. Stay on track

This is especially for those writers who like to write. They can feel without words and words that they have strayed from the real subject. this is wrong.

A technical point that works most here is before thinking about starting a new paragraph about what to write which is relevant, and then after reading that paragraph again, read it again.

This is important because if your writing has a high level of redundancy, then readers lose their level.

  1. Become Reliable

It is my firm’s belief that no one can have an order on every subject, despite writing something that has no reality, it is better to search about it before giving false information to others.

Once your readers develop confidence in your articles, they will begin to trust your site, share it with friends and mention it.

  1. Become an example

Your readers sometimes have double standards. If you keep sharing your own instances in an irrelevant form, then they take it as self-obsession, in the meantime if you share your experiences with your readers in the right way, then they will like it.

Which will give you a good reader. People want an example to understand everything. How good would be if that example is you

  1. Check – re-check!

I am a programmer by profession and as we test and debugging, the same strategy applies here. Reading evidence is about going through your content and debugging it, which removes extra, unused matter from your article.

Writing an article is not difficult, but writing an effective article is something you need to work on. Is an important component that I deliberately did not share with you, with the people above, if you desire to get the best results, love writing.

Writing is an art and if you are not passionate about it then art is never appreciable.

Best wishes

Harvilas Meena

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