How Does Facebook Use Your Personal Photos in Advertisements?

Facebook is growing every day and therefore it is a risk that your social existence is not a personal matter.

How Does Facebook Use Your Personal Photos in Advertisements?
How Does Facebook Use Your Personal Photos in Advertisements?

As a part of its progress strategy, Facebook has redefined its “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” policy at the end of August, where the team has declared the cut that all content shared by the user on Facebook More information is Facebook’s property, which can be used according to the idea of ​​globalization of social media and bringing the world to a point.

This was the Facebook graph search, where we discussed that all your personal data, your location, your check-in details are shared by friends and friends of friends, and the most dangerous news here is that your profile picture will be displayed on those ads. Also show up on Facebook shows

Profile pictures appear with Facebook advertising

The ad you see next to your profile is known as Social Ads, which are published in return for advertisers, companies, marketers to earn some good money, who want to market their products and services. . This is not new to those Facebook users who know it well about Facebook’s earning system, but what matters to their privacy is the new move introduced by Facebook. A user will be able to see the pictures of his friends, who liked the page or the product, which has been advertised on their page coincidentally. This means that if you have liked the brand or fan page of ‘Coca Cola’ and the advertisement appears on your friend’s page, then it will be able to see your profile picture, which Facebook has already said about it.


If you do not read the new transparency issued by Facebook in relation to the privacy rights, then we recommend that you take a look at it so that you know what you feel that you do not really have anyone.

According to Facebook’s statement of rights and responsibilities:

You allow us to use your name, profile picture, content and information in commercial, sponsored, or related content (such as a brand that you prefer). This means, for example, you allow a business or other organization to pay your compensation without any compensation to display your name and / or profile picture with your content and information. If you have selected specific audiences for your content or information, then we will respect your choice when using it.

How to protect your profile picture?

There is no problem with which there is no solution; This is the least true when it comes to the protection of your content online. You can opt out of this service only by changing your privacy settings.

Go to your “Privacy Settings” and click on the “Ads” tab on the left hand side and edit the settings so that your social information is not included in the ads. However, you can not opt-out of sponsored stories, which is essentially another type of ad. If you like a story on a brand page or share a brand that you associate with a brand, to ensure that this brand shows in your friends’ feed, can pay to Facebook .

Now it’s simple, is not it?

It is always better to take precaution instead of being lazy when it is about your privacy.

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