How Does Google Search Work with New Sites?

It’s always a good practice to keep thinking about things that you can not see and use as to how they really are done.

How Does Google Search Work with New Sites?
How Does Google Search Work with New Sites?

Now every home has at least three computers and every member of the family uses the internet for something or something, it is a matter of thinking that how the Google search engine actually manages such a large traffic.

The search engine displays answers within seconds you pressed, do you know that there were more than 30 trillion pages in the web, still you get your answers almost on the first page, and does it make you?

Is this a spell, even though Google supports more than 100 billion searches every month, but you still rarely get spam? If you find such interesting facts, you might enjoy scroll through new Works How Search Works.

What is ‘How Search Works’?

Recently, the company launched a new super-cool information-graphic website, which is going to give you a picture on the other side and reveals some interesting proprietary information about search for the first time.

Here you will not only follow the whole life of the search query journey, but you will see through a clickable link for charts and graphs that show things like spam and milestones in Google’s spam-fighting techniques.

Here the details of technology have made more stream viewers acceptable and understandable, who want to get a better understanding of what happens after typing in the search box.

What does this do?

Starting from the query, the end result for the customer is a tedious process, although it seems second to be executed.

Crawling, indexing and then algorithm ranking from the web query and finally the complete process of the product as a search result in front of your screen is shown here.

For the light process of the algorithm search and to reach you the exact destination, the customer has been explained for the first time in simple words.

How does it?

Animated and friendly user interface of the new website is an adopted event that has made it quite stylish and easy to understand.

Through its statistical approach to blogs, user forums, webmaster tools, deep research papers graphs and explanations, its panoramic nature surprised people that the second journey from algorithm to north is not a spell but it is hard work by the team.

Take it through a scroll. This will definitely appreciate you doing a lot more to Google’s search.

Harvilas Meena

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