How Much Money Candy Crashes in a Month

If you are also a candy crush fan and would like to play with candies in the candyland, then it may be more than surprising for you that everyone knows about the attractive income that the producer is looking for a suitable estimate are enjoying as.

How Much Money Candy Crashes in a Month
How Much Money Candy Crashes in a Month

You will be surprised to know how much candy money crushes in a month!

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This is a very famous match-three-puzzled game, which was unconfirmed and portrayed by developers King on April 12, 2012, will be played only on Facebook, but later on November 14, 2012 it was released on smart phones too. . . By the past year, it had become one of the most famous games on Facebook, and had left Farmville behind its popularity and monthly users. Due to its popularity it is constantly being updated and now there are additional episodes and playable levels for users to enjoy.

Candy crush saga followers

There are approximately 46 million average monthly users of this game and therefore a bigger expansion of this game is going to be launched as DreamWorld. Candy Crush Saga alone had more than ten million downloads in December 2012, it was estimated in July 2013 that there are approximately 6.7 million active users in this game, and by November 2013, all smart phones like Facebook and IOS Was downloaded And Android devices are becoming addicted to the people of this game and are making candy crush themed clothes and sandals.


Candy Crush Saga is second in this year’s Top Grocing app and is ranked number 23 in Top Free Apps, and the fact that Kings focus only on those multi-billion dollar games, an integral part of the growing gaming industry Which gives them a great achievement. Benefits in such an area According to some analysts, Candy Crush is one of the largest mass consumer games and has been profitable for some time now.

Candy Crush earns approximately $ 850 thousand per day and its daily estimated revenue is approximately 966,265 dollars, with approximately 7,3,3,429 daily active users. This game has also been shown in Psy’s Music Video “Gentleman”, which is in reference to reviewing the aggregating website Metacritic, the game set a simple evaluation score of 79/100, with most optimistic reviews being shown. EuroGammer’s Ellie Gibson described Candy Crush Saga.

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