How and Why Should You Mobile Keyword Research?

Mobile computing is fast growing nowadays, and webmasters are now only realizing the implications of optimizing their websites for mobile devices.

How and Why Should You Mobile Keyword Research?
How and Why Should You Mobile Keyword Research?

Of course, mobile SEO is not something we are talking about. But he is going to change. More than 12% of the web usser are now using mobile devices, and this rate is increasing rapidly, which is a list of affordable and affordable mobile devices. Needless to say, the need for mobile optimization has never been greater. He said, now we talk about mobile keyword research, and how to do it properly.

Mobile vs. Normal Keyword Research

But how is mobile keyword research different from general keyword research? To understand this better, you need to put on a mobile user’s shoes, and think from its perspective. For one, mobile users want specific details rather than long details. They also want the information to be as accurate as possible, because many times, they do not have the luxury to spend so much time looking for the right answer.

Mobile searches are sometimes location sensitive. For example, people are looking for a good restaurant to eat at their place. Therefore, the keyword ‘pass’, such as ‘the best sushi restaurants nearby’ etc., therefore, mobile search is a bit different from desktop search. And as long as you do not feel the importance of this fact, you can lose all potential traffic opportunities that have to offer mobile search.

Using Tools for Keyword Search

To align your site for mobile devices, you first need to find out what mobile visitors are to you and your competitors’ site. For this, you can use several tools in hand.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster is one of the best ways to find out what your best performing keywords are. If you have set and optimized some keywords, then you can see which keyword you make the most visitors. But without optimization, it will not be very good for you. You can also use Google Webmaster Tools to find your top pages, and more. You can find information about mobile devices by going into the query report and filter search type by mobile.

Google Keyword Tool

Of all the tools we list, this is probably the best. This is the only tool that will give you information about keywords that you’ve already ptimized your site, unlike Google Webmaster Tools. It will tell you about trends, and if you enter a keyword, then this suggestion will provide more. You can then see which keywords are performing well.


With advanced options, you can select many mobile devices, such as a tablet, feature phone or smartphone. Then you can analyze the traffic patterns for different types of devices, and in conjunction with Google Webmaster Tools, you can decide the best way to optimize your website.

Bing Advertising Intelligence

Apart from Google, you should also try other tools. Bing Advertising Intelligence is a good one. While the Google Keyword Tool is not as comprehensive, it offers you some unique insights. It can give you demographic information on mobile users, and can also estimate tablet search versions.

If used in conjunction with Google tools such as AdWords, GWT and Google AdSense, Bing Advertising Intelligence can help you optimize your site well for mobile search. We will share more on Mobile SEO, so stay tuned! Om Shanti Om

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