Make Money Blogging: Does it take 1,000,000 pages and $ 3,000 per month to generate

Do you want to blog money? you do? I can help you But I do not think I’m going to give you 101 other ways to earn money online. Because it does not work that way. Seriously.

Make Money Blogging: Does it take 1,000,000 pages and $ 3,000 per month to generate
Make Money Blogging: Does it take 1,000,000 pages and $ 3,000 per month to generate

If you already have a blog and looking for ways to monetize your blog, here’s a list of more than 40 Google AdSense options so you can do blogging.

Make Money Blogging: Does it take 1,000,000 pages and $ 3,000 per month to generate
Make Money Blogging: Does it take 1,000,000 pages and $ 3,000 per month to generate

Over the last several months, I have been trying to make my content creation process bigger – so that more blog posts can be created continuously for one month. However, I was not able to do this and so far I have not found any way that works for me.

But the good thing is, I did a lot of math. I love mathematics. No, that stuff you and my school had learned – discrimination, integration, algebra, matrices, etc. – but that which is applicable in real life.

In fact, I wrote a fun blog post about how much traffic I needed to make $ 100,000 a few years ago. It was all about traffic and income and surprisingly it became one of the most popular posts on my blog.

So, today I just wanted to post a reverse blog based on the numbers I worked on.

How much money should you have to generate 100,000 pages in content marketing and $ 3,000 a month.

And it is also about traffic, income and costs.

The only problem is that, the mathematics I used on the previous blog post can be applied to almost any blog / website. But the current math can not happen because it is based mostly on my own traffic insights and in some cases studies.

Therefore, there is a complete possibility that the actual figures applicable for your own blog may vary greatly from mine. Needless to say, it ultimately depends on your website’s niche, authority and marketing efforts.

For example, the number of pageviews of a blog is very much dependent on its bounce rate. Even a slight variation in the bounce rate also means a lot in terms of pageview.

My bounce rate is more than 85% and the number of pages per visit is 1.30 / visit. Now if I managed to reduce my bounce rate by around 80% then the number of pages per visit would be around 1.50 / visit.

And this will result in a jump of 15% in pageviews (with zero additional content creation).

Coming back,

Make Money Blogging: I just want to decode four questions

  • How much traffic is needed to make your revenue up to $ 36,000 per year in advertising revenue
  • How many blog posts you need to generate one million page interviews per month
  • How much money you should invest in content marketing to generate one million pageviews per month
  • How long it takes to reach your traffic goal

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How much traffic your blog needs to make $ 36,000 per year

If your goal is to become a full-time blogger or you have started blogging to earn money, then you need a clear perspective in terms of earnings and traffic. Let’s say your goal is to create $ 36,000 (i.e. $ 3,000 x 12) in advertising revenue per year.

So, you need to figure out how much traffic you need to hit that goal, and how much effort you have to make (in terms of time, work and investment) to achieve that goal. If you do not have any experience and yet your first dollar is not online, then this is not a silly goal.

First of all, let’s decode it to make $ 36,000 a little more viable.

  • $ 36,000 / year ~ $ 3,000 / month
  • $ 3,000 / month ~ $ 692.31 / week
  • $ 692.31 / week ~ $ 98.63 / day
  • $ 98.63 / day ~ $ 4.11 / hour

And if I only wanted to calculate working days and working days, then it comes to $ 18 / hour (250 working days and 8 working days). just for your information.

Now let’s see how much traffic you want to make $ 36,000 / year for advertising revenue. Once again, $ 36,000 / year translates to approximately $ 98.63 / day and makes it $ 100 / day.

And I’m only considering “advertising revenue” because it is a definite way to make money from any website rich in content (especially through Google AdSense). That said, advertising can not be the best way to monetize your blog.

There are a ton of other ways that you can try making money from your blog. It’s just that it takes some time to find out what’s good for you and your blog.

For example, a blog that is receiving a lot of traffic (e.g., more than 100,000 pageviews per month), CPC and CPM ads, private banners and text link ads (non-interference), affiliate marketing, e- Together, the website can monetize books, sponsored reviews, etc. – and how exactly other people are doing it.

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