10 Successful Small Businesses That Do Not Use Social Media

No matter what your business, small or big, you need all as a strong weapon, or rather a component is the popularity of your social media. Think of the brand of clothing without identifying on Facebook or Twitter, do you really think that it will survive?

Definitely yes! Companies owned by self-made people rely on the fact that the business should not rely on external resources and therefore, here are the top 10 most successful businesses of 2013, which are really very good in MEACCET without thousands of fans. Take a look at Facebook’s, or Tweets on Twitter!

Business-How to Start Small Business
Business-How to Start Small Business

1) Metropolitan Health Network – Small Businesses That Do Not Use Social Media

This is a Florida-based primary care network, specialists, doctors and nurses for senior citizens, provide you with the best advice about your health. It gives personal attention and effective solution to the individual, practiced around senior citizens of 76 years of age or older, with better practice and a doctor’s prescription for well-being.

It is not necessary to use any social media or Facebook because the age of targeted people has not been found on social networking websites. In an old demo it says, “In view of our customer demographic (76+ years of age), social media is not generally the primary focus of us,” said one representative. “It has been said, we are currently reviewing our Corporate Communications plan, and I suspect that it will include one, or many, social media components.”

2) Questcor Pharma – Small Businesses That Do Not Use Social Media

This is a biopharmaceutical company that has been listed on Forbes America’s list of Best Small Companies. It is mainly focused on patients who are suffering from autoimmune diseases and swelling disorders.

There is a page on Facebook but only for the directory; It is not updated regularly and it may not be the phone.

3) IPG Photonics – Small Businesses That Do Not Use Social Media

The company feels well satisfied without connecting to the media because it said about not including any social media services, “We are doing well without it, our customers know where we know . ” They know what they do. Social Media is not needed for successful targeted Internet marketing.

The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers, which is demanding the highest power fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers, which are mainly manufacturers of Chinese, In telecommunications companies, government offices, scientific objectives and medical companies are in demand.

4) United Therapeutics – Small Businesses That Do Not Use Social Media

UT mainly focuses on the audience, which is going through life threats and chronic diseases because it is a biotech company whose treatment is on the development and commercialization of unique products for the purposes of treatment. Due to reasons such as liability risk, social media does not use it for its internet marketing.

5) WEX – Small Businesses That Do Not Use Social Media

It is known as the Right Express, this business offers ePatel processing solutions, information management solutions and provides convenience and state-of-the-art equipment to help you manage the cost of filling your fleet, Commercial and government vehicle maintenance is provided to the Australian fleet industry.

There is no social media site in it because there are targeted businesses, not participating in internet marketing methods.

6) FutureFuel – Small Businesses That Do Not Use Social Media

The company’s CFO Chris Schmidt said, “We just do not see our customers there, we do not see it beneficial for our marketing.” It is the leading American manufacturer of biochemistry, biofuels and customs. It is listed as # 22 in Forbes America’s Best Small Companies List.

In fact, studying the history of the company’s previous dividend can help to avoid the use of social media.

7) EDAC Technologies – Small Businesses That Do Not Use Social Media

There are wide varieties of customers worldwide because it is a pioneer in the market of suppliers of aerospace, commercial, medical, industrial and machine tool markets.

It is difficult to find customers on social networking sites because such companies have not been found on such sites.

8) Cantel Medical – Small Businesses That Do Not Use Social Media

Cantal Medical Corporation is a leading provider of prevention and control of products and services in the healthcare market, specializing in water purification, endoscopy, dialysis and therapeutic filtration. The purpose of the company is to get opportunity in the prevention and control market of infection.

Using social media for advertising and advertising more than expected, it may take longer time, so it is not the primary focus of the company.

9) AZZ – Small Businesses That Do Not Use Social Media

AZZ was incorporated in 1956. It mainly manufactures electrical equipment and components. The company aims to serve the global markets of power generation, transmission and distribution, and general industrial markets.

It also provides nationwide galleynising services to the steel fabrication market. Due to the nature of his work, it does not use many social media for its advertising.

10) Landauer – Small Businesses That Do Not Use Social Media

One of the major issues raised due to the increased use of radiation in different areas.

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