Top 15 Best Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today

If you are looking for ways to earn extra income, you want to change your career or start a small business, an online business can be an ideal way to earn big money.

I do not want to explain to you why you should start online business because you know your potential and you are already reading newspapers and TV channels about those people or companies who have become millionaires and even That’s also for billionaires from online businesses.

You just want to know that there is a right idea to start an online business!

And here, I’m going to show you 15+ of Best Online Business Ideas where people earn a few hundred dollars in a month for thousands of dollars, the time they spend and the way they work.

Top 15+ Best Online Business Ideas

I have made money on all these online businesses and my experience, I am writing about these online business ideas.

So read about these thoughts below, focus on one that you like the most –

1.Blogging –  

Blogging-Best Online Business Ideas
Blogging-Best Online Business Ideas

I have been blogging full time for the last 5 years and I can confidently say that there is no other business idea than blogging.

Unless and until, your goal is not to make millions of dollars annually, blogging is the best business idea for every one.

There are thousands of people in India and around the world who are making 5000 + $ 10,000 + from blogging.

Blogging is nothing to create a website and write about your experiences, passions, thoughts and many other topics. People come to your website and you earn money.

“Oh no! I do not know anything about creating or writing a website”.

I thought that as soon as you are thinking, when I first heard about blogging.

But thanks to my wish I was very excited to do something different. I accepted the challenge.

2.Become an Online Retailer – 

If you are looking for a simple business then there is nothing better than being an online retailer.

Whether its Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba or any other shopping site, you can sign up as a salesperson and earn money by selling various products.

If you do not have any products then there is no problem. In fact, thousands of vendors who make money in the form of a seller do not have their own product.

They buy it at a very affordable rate from the local market and sell it at a high price at these sites. You can join any and all shopping sites and start selling.

3.Become a Freelancer – 

Freelancing is another best online business that anyone can start. The best freelancing sites are where you can provide signups and services to people or companies.

You can charge for a particular project on a fixed amount or hourly basis. There are many online services you can provide as a freelancer.

You can make available Elance, Upwork, and many other sites here so that different types of people can be made available for doing some research and they charge for completing the work.

Many people do $ 500 + as a freelancer and there are freelancers who earn more than $ 5000 + in the month of this ton business.

4.Create a YouTube Channel – 

The YouTube Partner Program is another business opportunity provided to Google to create quality video, YouTube and Make Money, to publish it.

You can create a YouTube channel based on a specific subject and then publish similar videos on a regular basis in your channel.

Then you can join the YouTube Partner Program, where you can earn money for each and every video view.

5.Training and Consultancy

If you are an expert in some field then you can provide online counseling and training to those who are looking for your services.

This is the best business idea because you can provide training and consulting to people all over the world.

Online Classes, Vastu, Nutrition, Body Building, Accounting, Job Placement, Finance Advice, Gadget Repairing, Coding, Stock Trading, Certificate Course, Health and Fitness, Pak or anything example in which you are an expert.

You can create a website or Facebook page and use these simple methods to promote your online business.

6.Domain and Website Flipping

Domain flipping and website flipping are 2 different online business venture. You need to purchase such quality domains and then these domains should be listed on the GoDaddy auction or other markets for sale price 50 times or more.

If you want to flip through the website then you can buy websites set up less than $ 100, work for it for 3-4 months and sell it for double, triple or more value.

7.Online Network Marketing

Whether you want or not but Network Marketing or MLM (Multilevel Marketing) is one of the best business ideas you can start.

There are hundreds of Indian or global MLM companies that you can join online and promote online. You can make money just by mentioning people in the company. It would be better if you choose an established company with a good company.

You need to research and be sure that the company you are involved in is not a problem in the future.

8.Manage Social Media Profiles

You know that thousands of people with high profile are small or medium businesses, which are personally needed like you who can manage their social profiles.

You can update and update your Twitter or Facebook account regularly. You will be responsible for raising followers and engagement.

You can earn $ 200 to $ 1000 for managing a single account. You must learn digital marketing before starting this business.

9.Affiliate Marketing

Marketing is another most popular online business that you can start. You have to sign up as an affiliate in a company and promote its product.

Affiliate marketing has a great income potential but it is not easy to work as a collaborator.

Here you can join and promote hundreds of best affiliate marketing companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, Commission Junction and many others.

Before you actually earn money from it, you have to learn everything else about affiliate marketing.

10.Outsourcing Business

You know that there is no better online business than outsourcing because you do not do anything in this business.

But if you have to make big money from this business, then you have to set it up as your rights or brand.

Companies across the world can pay any amount but according to their standard quality work is required. And there are millions of such freelancers who can do high quality work of value given by these companies.

You can order and outsource from such companies. Work for these freelancers and make a great profit. You can use for outsourcing business. Some platforms are  Elance, UpWork, Fiverr, and many others.

11.Sell ​​Photos Online

Are you an excellent photographer? Then there is a chance to earn big by selling your photos online.

There are dozens of photo sharing sites where you can upload your photo and earn money from each download.

12.Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is the best online business idea and is very popular among women.

This work is like a personal assistant, but in this case you do not have to physically assist your client.

You can help people with your skills and partly manage your business according to their instructions.

There are many sites like people per hour, Elance, UpWork, Fiverr,, where you can find unlimited opportunities for yourself.


If you have any great ideas and want to start your own company, then now it is a lot easier to get money from the number of Venture Capital Companies.

14.Make Money Sites

There are more than 50 sites offering opportunities for online opportunities.

Different companies have different concepts, e.g. Some companies pay you to read advertisements, pay you for some data entry, some online surveys, some to promote their products and many others.

15.Forex Trading

If you have a good understanding of the market then there is no hot business compared to foreign currency trading.

People make thousands of dollars in foreign exchange business. But if you do not have a fair idea on this, then there is the risk of losing your money.

And this is the reason, it is not advisable for everyone. If you want to start this business, you have to learn it completely and you should try only a little amount before confidence.

There are many such websites, great tips and daily insights into the market and you should check these sites regularly to gain knowledge.

16.Create a Membership Site

Creating a membership site is a very attractive home based business model where you work in your own home of your home to sell at your membership site.

You can announce free and also paid subscriptions where there will be limited access to facilities and products for free membership, whereas paid subscribers will get full access to your website.

Choosing your only investment domain name and hosting place will be an important factor as it decides to incorporate your customer base into your site.

I’m sure, at least one online business idea is that you like most and you can start today. If you want to succeed in the idea of ​​any business given above, then get ready to work hard.

Harvilas Meena

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