How to Save Money on Your Mobile Phone Bills?

We use our mobile phones and spend a lot of money on different plans monthly. Whether your SIM is prepaid or posted, whether it uses 2G or 3G, whether you want to save money on your monthly bills.

Therefore, we have created this article for mobile users in India. If you are quite intelligent and if you apply the tips and plans given below, then surely you can save thousands of rupees every year.

Most Frugal Plans

The first thing to take is to choose the right type of plan. One perfect plan can save hundreds of rupees every month.

You have to choose a plan according to your plan. For example, in Vodafone, Post paid plan talk STD is Rs 299, Rs 50, Rs 292 per month, and the plan allows you to call 50 rupees per minute. It is very frugal and you can talk more.

For prepaid users, Vodafone’s bonus card will allow 300 minutes STD calls of 140, 140 rupees per month, but valid for only 15 days.

Therefore, you have to make the decision according to your need. You choose an STD scheme because you talk more with people living outside your city, if you talk more with people living within the city, then select the plan that has a low call rate on local calls .

Choosing between prepaid and post feed

Do you want to choose a prepaid SIM or post paid one?

If you need to talk every day for 1 to 2 hours, then a post paid plan is really good. Yes, you have to pay the rent, but after that you can talk as much as you can without paying.

For example, your rent may be up to 900 / – but if you talk more than one hour daily, your bill will be 1100 / – to 1200 / – for the entire month. But if you were talking on prepaid plan for an hour then your monthly bill would be more than Rs. 3000 / -.

Therefore, if you have to talk more time then postpaid is best.

However, if you talk less like 5 to 10 minutes in a day, postpaid is useless because there is no need to pay on rent. In that case, prepaid is best for you.

Then you have to choose prepaid or postpaid according to your needs.

Billing and Free SMS per second

If your call is less than a minute, say 30 seconds to 40 seconds, then you can choose the plans that are best for you.

There are plans in Vodafone, Airtel, Tata etc., where your time call is less than a minute, you get a concession.

Next, SMS. If you write a lot to your friends and other family members, then choose a plan where the SMS is given for free. There are schemes where you get some number of daily and monthly free SMS. There are many sites that you can use to send free SMS and conduct to earn some money.

Study your telephone bill

If you are using a post paid plan, then study your phone bills. If you are using a prepaid plan, always keep a track record to recharge or raise your phone.

If you think special packages like night packs, SMS packs are not really necessary, get rid of them. You can also choose some more plans.

Avoid roaming charges

You can choose a plan or service provider who charges a lower fee on roaming or it does not charge at all.

Therefore, if you are traveling in or out of India then you should avoid the roaming charges.

Go for unlimited plans

If you talk more and use daily internet, then unlimited plans are best. You do not have to worry about the bill. Use an unlimited plan if you have to talk to the phone for hours and hours.

However, if you travel a lot due to roaming charges then it can be expensive.

Off-peak call

Some plan fees for calls made during off-peak hours are very low.

For example, Aircel’s rate cutter plan (39 / month) allows you to call other aircel users between 30 minutes to 11 a.m. to 7 a.m.

Last change on service provider

Finally, I would suggest that you pay attention to changing and using your service providers if you have to save money on your phone bills.

Try different schemes from different service providers and be most of them frugal.

Therefore, you should choose a plan to keep your plan in mind. Each plan is designed to meet anybody’s needs.

Harvilas Meena

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