Top 10 Richest Scriptwriter

Hollywood is full of the greatest and best script writers and this is the reason why their fees are very high and they sell their stories for millions of dollars, but their success depends primarily on the success of the film.

  1. Brian Helgeland:

Brian Helgeland-Top 10 Richest Scriptwriter
Brian Helgeland-Top 10 Richest Scriptwriter

She is one of the most famous directors and screen writers of the Hollywood film industry, and has received several Academy Awards for her films, including Mystic River, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master etc. His film Legend is the most anticipated movie 2015.

  1. Michael Mitnick:


While writing films and script for the film, he likes interest and sticks on his lane. Mitnick drew Hollywood’s attention with her blacklist script “The Country War” for the first time, after which she opened many doors to opportunities for her in the future and therefore her films are expected to be released in 2015.

  1. Alan Mastai:


Masta worked at the Toronto Festive Sales Office after having graduated from Queen’s Youth in Kingston, Ontario, and therefore has a very strong experience in filming and writing enthusiastic scriptures around reality.

  1. Barbara Marshall:


She is new to the industry and is also a screenwriter for Lionsgate’s upcoming “The Exorcism Diaries”. She likes to work quickly and effectively, keeping her attitude in areas of specialization, and this is the main reason that she will succeed in the coming year.

  1. Terry Rossio:


One of the most famous screenplays of the Hollywood film industry is Terry Rossio. He got a bachelor’s degree in communication with a prominence in radio, television and film. The Wordplay A.K.A. Wordplayer is a dot com comer and he has also received an Academy Award for adapted screenplay for Shrek, Main in Black (screenwriter) and Aladdin (screenwriter) etc.

  1. Ted Elliot:


He has written some of the most successful but amazing American films in which mention of Aladdin, Shrek and Pirate’s Pirates is remarkable. Some of the rewards he received during some years are the Golden Raspberry Award for the Best Screenplay for the Lone Ranger and the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation for the Caribbean Pirates: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

  1. Bill Marcely:


He has written amazing films for the industry, in which there are 20,000 leagues under Sage V, The Wind in the Willows and Sagar: Captain Nemo is the chief.

  1. Jennifer Lee:


Jennifer Lee wanted to be a Disney animator and she got an opportunity to write rank it relief. He also worked on the script of frozen.

  1. Lucinda Coxan:


His writing course consists of two immoderations: either to confirm that the first draft is also final that in such a way that he can do very well and that is a clock for all his competitors.

  1. Ned Benson:

Ned Benson-Top 10 Richest Scriptwriter
Ned Benson-Top 10 Richest Scriptwriter

A famous screenwriter, Ned Benson is known for her film nominations and her cautious capabilities in the Oscars. Some of his famous films are Chastain and The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby.

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