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The Internet has changed a lot more life than anything else. It has changed the way many businesses have changed their work. Now, Internet marketing has added a new dimension to how businesses sell their products and services. And in this online world it has to face, your skills are not as important as the ad itself. If you have any skills, then nobody will know about it until you advertise it. On the other hand, business is growing rapidly with good marketing strategies, and their excellence comes with time.

This post is part of a small series related to Internet marketing. In this series, we will tell you how to increase your personal or professional productivity, with focus on topics like improving the quality of the website, traffic, email marketing etc. In this special post, we start with suggestions to improve the quality of your website, since your website is your shop (“business” window).

Before starting, keep one thing in mind. There is no “immediate formula” to be rich in any business online or outside the physical world. To succeed, you have to make efforts, devoting time, and above all, to create a comprehensive marketing strategy to build your business. There are a number of dedicated and specialized marketing employees in many successful businesses. But for a small business, you have to do this for yourself.

You just need to pay attention right away. This will take some time, so try some basic marketing strategies and educate yourself. After that, you will see the potential dimensions that your business can grow, which you have not imagined before! I am not saying that you need to be a leader in business or something. You do not need a degree to make your business a success. Like I said, you need to pay proper attention, and you only need to be skilled in some areas, after which you will be good on your way to success

We have kept a small resource for you that will help you in the path of success. These are some of the top tips that you should know. Do not try to apply all at once. As already mentioned, these things take time. So work one by one from now on!

Starting off…

Remember that your website is “front-line” where the war has been fought for your success! Therefore, it should be correct (or as it may be). If you expect to receive any customer, your front window and display (in your website, in other words) shows that customers will be worth the attention. Follow these steps to make sure your website is for the challenge.

  1. Make it attractive!

There is an online traffic rule. Your viewer is the busiest person in the world (like “Customer is always right”). She has landed on your page (thankfully). Now, he will be on it for a few seconds. The first impression may be the last. So if your website is not attractive to her, then she will panic! Therefore, make your home page attractive and informative so that viewers can find what they are looking for in the first glimpse.

  1. It should be point-point

Once again, you have only a few seconds to express your message. Then submit your home page wisely. The reader should be able to recognize immediately what you are selling / offering, so that he can decide if he should live or not.

  1. What information is “above the fold”?

Thin in this way You are browsing through the local bookstore, looking for something interesting to read. There is a shelf with magazines or newspapers. They all are well fried. You see the things you see at the top, and then select something that interests you.

This is known as the “above-fold” strategy. To see something interesting you did not have to open all available issues. You decided on selection based on what was “above the fold”. Websites also work like this. Viewers do not like scrolling down to get the required information. Therefore, you should clearly describe why someone should buy their product on the visual part of the screen.

  1. List clearly all the benefits

This is quite common knowledge. You should clearly list the attributes and benefits of your product so that your potential customers can decide whether or not your product will have a good effect on their lives.

  1. Explain “Call to Action”

A “call to action” is a brief statement that inspires or directs the reader and asks him to take an actin. This kind of common call “Try it now!”, Or “Start a free trial!”, Or “Learn more” etc. Make sure this call is clearly visible and identifiable for taking action. This will increase the likelihood of ‘capturing’ potential customers.

  1. Focus on typography!

Make sure your font size is of sufficient size so it’s easy to read. Your font-face should also be happy. Not only this, it should work with all computers. If you select a custom font-face, then it is likely that the reader does not have that system available on his system. So use the universal font, and still be pleased to see For the most part, sans-serif like Arial will fonts. However, my personal favorite is Calibria. Again, it depends on your preferences.

Your content must be sufficiently divided. Do not write large sections of text in one paragraph. Divide it into many required paragraphs, and if necessary, bullet-ed lists. Also, there should be enough line differences between your lines and paragraphs so that it is easy to read. Use the padding option for this case.

  1. Add Visual

Text is important as text, maybe even more important. As they say, “an image is more valuable than thousands of words”. Although it may happen (in some cases) exaggerated, this is no less true. Images and videos are eye candy that your visitor wants to see. Be sure to include them in your website. A captivating header design for your website!

  1. Website Navigation – A quick word

For me, if I can not easily navigate to any website or understand its structure, then there is a deal breaker for me. Label your menu clearly, so the audience knows where it will take. Your entire site can go smoothly, and its structure and organization should be easy to understand.

  1. Add a “Contact Us” Page

For many visitors, it is convinced that they can contact you at any time if there are any problems / questions / questions. Therefore, you should include a contact page Create a contact form, or use any popular online contact form services. Just giving your email is not enough.

  1. Write something about yourself

In addition to the contact page, there should be a page about us Readers always want to ensure that they are dealing with “real people”. Therefore, you should write about who you are, and what your mission statement is. Include photos too. In this way visitors will add your face to your business.

  1. Feel them personally connected!

Visitors like to hang for a long time, they feel personally connected. They will be told by telling them their story. Being honest is another way. Use such a conversation stylist to directly address the visitors. Apart from this, also add real testimonials from other customers, so that your visitors have a sense of security and give you their trust (some difficulties till these days).

  1. Writing style; Conversation or corporate?

If you are a large firm / company, then you will need to adopt a professional writing style where you formally address people (if absolutely), and use professional voice. But for small business, you need to engage your customers more. For this, you need a conversation (semi formal or slightly accidental) writing style, so that visitors do not mistake you for some formal corporate nuts who can not even answer their questions (Yes, for professional people to do this: ().

  1. Provide encouragement

Encourage your readers to subscribe through email etc. This can include special deals for tips, advice, special e-books and other items. In this way, users will easily subscribe. But make sure the offer is worth the email of visitors.

  1. Include Multimedia

Multimedia is a great way to add character and interest to your website. Multimedia such as videos, podcasts, tutorials, etc. You allow your visitor to present your message in a compelling manner.

  1. Link to social media

Social media allows you to communicate with your potential customers, and allows your customers to interact with each other. Be sure to add links to your profile on major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Make it easy for customers to find you, so they can follow you in any way. Always encourage such followers.

This website terminates our tips on increasing the effectiveness. Keep in mind that you can not apply all of them simultaneously. Use them at one time. And once you work with them, you can go to the next post in the series, which will probably be on the traffic generation. Until then, keep looking. And leave your comments and tell us what you think. You can also mention your website URL and we will be happy to offer a short review and suggestions.

Harvilas Meena

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