Custom vs. Free WordPress Blog Themes

Every blogger who has just started web blogging, the theme / design of his website keeps changing, uploads new plugins, WordPress tweaks and tries to put them out to make money online, but the most important question here This is whether you have a blog design that is your choice or design that is selected by your blog audience.

Wordpress Blog Themes
WordPress Blog Themes


Normally you will search Google for free wordpress theme (or) free premium wordpress theme based on your requirement such as 2 columns, 3 columns or magazine design wordpress theme and you will find some good themes that can be tailored to your blog. But you will never be 100% satisfied with these topics.

Why not add outstanding balance in getting a custom theme? Now the question arises when you are not satisfied with a free / sponsored theme and there are many problems in these problems with these free topics-

Free Blog Themes Disadvantages:

  1. You can not use it on your company blog
  2. You would not like to give a link back / credit / sponsored link to the theme designer
  3. As long as it is not a custom design theme, you will not be satisfied with theme structure or color pattern.
  4. You can not brand a free topic using WordPress Blog
  5. Due to coding problems or precoded layout, you can not fully customize it
  6. Your visitor / customer can not remember your blog for its design, but if it is useful, if your blog has a custom theme then many of your visitors can miss your blog due to the design or logo .
  7. The themes you use will not be unique, so you will not be able to attract visitors to your blog for the first time to subscribe to them.

Free Blog Themes Benefits:

  1. Free themes are always free and you will only need to link to the designer from the footer which is not too much pain.
  2. You have a final level of the WordPress theme’s choice that you can choose based on the structures like 1,2,3,4 and 5 columns, wordpress themes.
  3. Theme developers continue to update their themes so that the new version of WordPress can be released regularly, to ensure that you do not get any bugs at the front end.
  4. You will never have to pay for these topics and they will be allowed to customize.

Custom Blog Themes Disadvantages:

  1. Where a free blog design can be completely free and you cost $ 100 to $ 2000 depending on the designer, your requirement in terms of their brand, coding etc.
  2. Whenever there is a WordPress / CMS upgrade, you will need to contact your theme designing / coding company and you will need to work your custom theme on the latest custom updates.

Custom Blog Themes Benefits:

  1. These themes are completely unique and are always admired by your visitors.
  2. Your first time visitors would like to transfer some pages of your blog and be content with content and subscribe to your blog feed.
  3. A custom theme can help you to create a brand because it usually corresponds to your main company website or main page and you can port the same blog to your blog.
  4. Since these themes are unique because your blog will be seen in a different view and the visitors will stay for some time, because this is not just another WordPress theme.

What kind of blog theme do you have on your blog, and what you think about your current theme. What do you recommend to others to use a blog theme?

Harvilas Meena

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