12 Content Curation Tools You Never Had

If content marketing is about creating and sharing your own content, then content curation is about finding, organizing and sharing great content.

Content Curator: The content on the web is interesting about the topics they are passionate about. Today, content curation is important as content marketing because it’s a great way to improve your website and / or brand’s user experience. In addition, content marketing is not easy because high-quality content is expensive and it takes considerable effort and time.

Content Curation Tools
Content Curation Tools

Why Content Curation Matters?

Content curation is not something that can be automated because no computer algorithm can properly detect what your users want. So finding interesting things is your job, which you think will be of interest to your readers.

There is a matte curts video in which he answered the question:

Many sites have a press release section, or a news section that posts the relevant articles again. Since this is all duplicate content, can they be better than removing these sections (even with other unique content)?

Is this a section of my site that posts articles from other sites again?

And Matt’s short answer was “Yes”.

In other words, when you post relevant articles again or when you create mashups, it is important to think about how it adds value to users. Matt explains that by comparing an auto-generated section of the website with the New York Times and John Guber. The New York Times creates its original content, and John Grabber highlights those things that are interested in his own editorial philosophy.

You know that there are so many technical blogs and most of them produce horrible content but it is impossible to track all those blogs, right? For example, if you have subscribed to both TechCrunch.com and Mashable.com then you know that their subjects are as low. That’s why Techmeme is a technical news aggregator. You can see Techmeme.com and it shows how content curation should be done.

Curation: Techmeme completes this the only way: connecting stories from around the web. From the media and industry perspective, spotlighting the writings of journalists, commentators and industry players provides the only effective means of providing a comprehensive perspective. And by doing this well, we leave the impossible task of monitoring readers an abundance of news sites, tweets and status updates.

Material Curation Equipment Curated

I am going to introduce some great tools that help you reduce the content on the web. Of course, there are many other tools but I decided to show only those people who I liked most. And if you want to find great social content to share on your social media or website, I have already shown 25 content discovery tools. That’s why I am not including the tools I have already shown, unless they can be used as a platform for sharing content.

  1. Paper.li

Paper.li is one of the most popular content curation tools that allows you to publish your online newsletter in minutes. This is a good tool for those who do not want to curate the goods manually because Paper.li automatically processes more than 250 million social media posts (including your own social media channels and RSS feeds) in a single day And then allows you to publish and publish interesting content (articles, photos, and videos). You can add filters so that you can control the content you see on your online newspaper.

  1. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is an online magazine creator that allows you to easily create and share your social magazines. It provides more powerful features than Paper.li and is a professional form. You can add content to scoops in 4 different ways: you can scoop content shared by other members, publish content suggested by Scoop.it, share custom URL by sharing the URL of your choice. Add a post, or accept the suggested content from another scoop.

  1. Storify

Storify allows you to collect content from across the web, and then you will be able to publish on Storify or even embed on your website. With Storify, you can collect social media posts such as photos, videos, tweets etc. by other people and then change it into fascinating stories. You can check your homepage to find the best stories created by images, videos, links, tweets, etc. by other homegrown users and you can also use them to create your own story.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is because you probably know image sharing on steroids. This is a wonderful tool to curate images and it is no wonder that it is one of the top traffic referrals. Pinterest was driving more traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit combined. Simply organize your pinned images by “Pin”, which come when you browse the web, and create Pinterest board, just interesting images. You can also invite your friends so that they can add new PINs to your board.

  1. RebelMouse

Rebelmouse allows you to reduce your social feed by adding your social network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. This turns your social media news feed into a dynamic page that automatically updates when you update your social network.

  1. Themeefi

Themeefy is a wonderful tool that helps you to create original learning material in a few minutes. You can organize different resources in the form of themes and arrange resources or add your insights so that you can share it with others. This is different from other content curation tools which I have shown here with themffee, we are able to organize and present our content in a unique way.

  1. Bundlr

Bundlr is a freemium tool for organizing your favorite web content. With bundler, you can bookmark content by creating bundles, which includes photos, videos, tweets and documents and can share them with everyone. You can also embed your bundle on your blog.

  1. List.ly

List.ly allows you to create lists on almost anything – images, videos or even texts. Creates lists and invites members of other community to vote and down for it. You can also embed your lists on your website by adding your code or using your official WordPress plugin. List.ly can not be used only as a content curation tool but it can be used to get content ideas.

  1. Pearltrees

Pearltree allows you to develop your interests. You can collect, organize, and share web pages, files, photos, notes and anything you like on the web for free. You can also find interesting content based on your interest to enrich your account. And you’ll be able to create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders so it’s fun and easy to manage your pearl and pearls.

  1. Flipboard Magazines

Flipboard magazines were the first social magazine app and later they created the app again so that users can now organize articles, photos, videos and audio in the form of magazines. Users can either make their magazines private or share with the public so that each flipboard user can now become an editor.

  1. Diigo

Diigo is basically a social bookmarking network but it is also a wonderful curation tool. With Diigo, you can bookmark interesting, organize and search on the web and then organize them using tags, lists and groups. If you want to share if there is a link then I think Diigo is the best tool for you. Since you are easy to add links as you browse the web and it’s very easy to share and organize the link you’ve collected.

  1. Twitter Custom Timeline (via TweetDeck)

Twitter enables custom timeline users to collect tweets and organize them into a list. Now it’s my favorite way to curate and share social content on my blog (see preview here). Of course, most of the above tools allow you to embed curated content on your blog or website, but I believe the Twitter custom timeline is simpler and more flexible. Because you do not need to sign up somewhere else (but you need TweetDeck to add a tweet to your custom timeline).


You can choose any of the above tools to start curation, but I would recommend you to select the tool that enables you to embed curated content on your blog. Why? Because your blog is your personal brand.

Do I Miss Your Favorite Content Curation Tool?

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