5 Reasons Why You Should not Choose Theme Forest

Web developers, bloggers, IT operators and other online marketing experts should be aware of one of the largest names in the online stores, a service center operated by Theme One, Envato.

Theme Forest
Theme Forest

If you are a developer then you can easily decide what is with the theme one and what is crazy. Although it provides one of the best online markets for amateurs with IT professionals and various word press topics, but there are some flaws and errors too.

According to a report, Alex King suggested that selling Word Press products on Envato Marketplace was insane. ‘The parameters of subject forests can be widespread for selling or buying digital products and somehow depend on the personal experiences of the developers. But a general overview of the faults and defects reported clearly by the developers includes the following reasons which prevent new investors or vendors from using Theme One.

  1. PSD problem due to storage

When you have to pay attention to saving storage software easily and without any disturbance, themeforest PSDs are saved or created in the theme, which is an idiomatic way of losing some MBs storage. Therefore, a developer eager to save the storage can get mad and the process of creating other folders, which is not included in the theme, is damn it.

  1. Issues with CSS

Whatever a developer or a web designer wants, it is necessary to load a CSS and start working fluently with it. But if you have chosen the theme forest to make your development, then you are probably not in peace. First of all, it takes great time to load CSS without the use of important statements in a program several times. If you have knowledge of PHP programming then you can get a way through it and you should be able to load your own styles.

Repetitive use of important statements does not seem to be clearly or technically good. It has been described by experts as a bad practice. Unfortunate! Theme Forest uses this statement 94 times in a single CSS file, which is another reason to avoid theme forests.

  1. Payment Options

The basic ways of making payments through Theme One is usually include Moneybookers and PayPal. These two methods are also given on the official website of Theme One’s Terms and Conditions. But if we go through reports and reviews about payment procedures through the report forest, there are so many complaints and misconceptions by users as well as buyers or sellers.

It has been reported that the accounts are at stake and may be freezed at any time for no reason. Apart from that there is no recovery option and you have to face the problem with each transaction you have made.

Here easy moneymaking becomes a huge pain for the developers and customers.

  1. No Massage Options:

Another important feature is that when choosing a theme provider, a developer will appear that it provides an alternative to other users to modify or change their art production. This is a wonderful feature of Word Press which has been made possible with the help of filters. But users of the Theme Forest may not be aware of this feature because it lacks the filter.

If you are using a theme from the theme matchmate, then you can not make your output dynamically. It creates much discomfort and damages the reputation of the online market.

  1. Combination of undefined or raster files

Theme One is not good at providing icon fonts, which is a very important and important feature of Word Press. This is an uplift job that is to change the look of the icon you uploaded. To do this, you need to reload the icon after changing the size or color depending on your requirement. Because it creates raster files for each asset created by it, it is very difficult to deal with this problem, unless you have Photoshop that is available to everyone in the Themeforest first.

By adding icon fonts, you can easily change the color, size and format without including any additional programs.

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